Average Joe Spotted

Wahaha.. Average Joe's spotted in today The Star Newspaper.. None other then our own Latinoheat with the ever beautiful Jamie Yeo from Crazy Football.. & The best thing is all of them is doing "The Average Thing"..

Okay how it all started.. It just a boys nite out at our Favvy Mon't Kiara SUMO.. Heineken came by with some fun game & freebies with any Heineken purchase & u gues it.. Our Latinoheat is the lucky winner.. taking away the big prize.. some more gotta take some picture with my Favvy Average Asia Chick.. All thing not to forget with some help with the organiser.. we appreciated..

So let make it big.. Do "The Average Thing" when ur posing for a picture yo..

"Thats so Average"

Posted by: Average himself

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