Ha... The All-Star Week... As u get older i guess u just miss everythin on tv... As for our Average routine.. Every All-Star Week.. Normally the boys will head to my house to watch it together.. It almost became a tradition now.. but as u grow older with our job come with it.. We hav to miss Live & stick with replay later the day... Which is kinda sad 4 me personally.. As every year i get really excited during the All-Star week.. Pure entertainment ill say...

Okay let start with the Slam Dunk Contest
This event never let me down... last year dunk like the Dee Brown No look dunk by Gerald Green was off the hook.. no 1 can beat that.. i guess im wrong..

As for last year camp Gerald green... he hav 2 face off with last year disapointed Dwight Howard.. Which he came back with full force... 1st of all Dwight is 1 big man.. n for a 7footer 2 hav innovation & hang time.. NO 1 Can beat that..

1st dunk... off the back of the block then reverse dunk.. Remember 2006 Iverson off the back board then Andre Iguodala under reverse dunk.. Just that Dwight still got his full body at the back of the board while dunking... Still cant blieve a 7footer doin that...

2nd Dunk... left hand off the block to right hand dunk... Damn thats somethin new in this contest.. go Youtube it..

Okay lets go to the highlight of the day... THE SUPERMAN dunk.. D with his Superman suit launch from free throw line.. the best part is he didnt even dunk it.. he throw it in the basket around half way of the free throw line.. Definately it worth it to watch it over & over again...

Back to the main game.. this year theres alot of A-list missing... Big name like the Big man Shaq, Superfly Vince Carter, wolveman Garnett, big Ben wallace, Parisian Parker & Argentinian Ginobil... Just some good player deserve to be at the big show..
Anyhow.. really glad that Carmelo finally got his starting line up.. & he took his change well enough to show what his best for.. Gotta giv my props to Jason Kidd for his comeback to the startin line too.. Honestly i think he play really well assiting the Western team.. With some crazy pass.. it make the forwards lil easy on thier job..

With no surprise MVP go to Lebron James... He did his thing.. providing jump shot after jump shot.. He is The Choosen One...

Team Eastern.. My pick

Team Western

My Favvy players... Surprisin their workin really well 2gether

Personally Estern is my team.. Always support the East eventhou my AI hav left... But This trio r my pick... Greatest combination u can get in NBA..

Nba great point guard..

Gotta love this Lebron V All-Star.. As for me.. All-star game r mainly focusing on What All-star sneaker they hav on.. my pick gotta go to Lebron V & Kobe III

I really love this pic.. back to highschool battle again...

Iverson doing what he's best at..

Rasheed Wallace will his famous sheed Af1 hi... Damn i think is white with blue patten back hills... Nice

Base court close up pic wif My man Carmelo & Wallace... Interestin thing is as Carmelo did wore the All star Jordan 23 on the 1st half & his own Melo 4 on the 2nd half..

Hometown Host Chris Pual make home crowd proud..

Ray Allen

Just wish i hav my boys with me watch Live with a cold beer... Thats Average... But as u get older.. work & responsibilities just kills all the fun... Damn

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