VMA baby

Ha... the biggest party of the year gotta b the MTV vma baby.. this year venue was at Las Vegas the Palms.. there so many story heatin up.. 1st was Kanye didnt win anything.. as 4 me is a sad thing.. but who care bout the award.. anyway kanye performance Stronger n some old heat at the Palms' Hugh Hefner Sky Villa and was furious bout britney openning vma.. kanye was freestyling, "I can't believe she would perform. She hasn't had a hit record in years" but honestly.. Britney.. try 2 think again.. she haven been singer or makin album in like 2 year.. busyin makin baby n piss drunk.. do u really think she deserve it?? just listen 2 kanye graduation.. thats hot yo... thumb up 4 jamie foxx who came in to suprize guests with his entrance... yellin kanye kanye 1 hottest mc in the mother f... world... yes sir.. they both perform the famous golddigger.. yes sir again..holla from the average Joe..

lastest issue of rolling stone featurin 50 face 2 face with kanye himself... gotta b de best cover EVER...

plus at main stage VMA.. takin up the challenge.. good sports... wahaha...

while kanye busyin entertainnin n promoting his album... 50cents busy doing kinky stuff.. boys will be boys i guess..

more on kanye.. ye spotted wear well suited body to toe n looklike a white frogskin..

ha.. next on VMA.. Former Pamela Anderson flames Kid Rock and Tommy Lee got into collision.. exchangin punches around.. fightin over some double Ds dude.. gotta b de funnest thin i heard from hollywood.. anyway both rockers being escorted by security out of the Pearl Theater.. wahaha

back 2 business.. ladies n gentlemen.. the moon man go to...
big winner gots 2 Rihana, fergie n my man Justin T man...which also did a great performance wif timbeland n 50cents...youtube it..

1 more day till Graduation drop.. cash it baby.. Average Joe on ur side..

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