Average Deed

ha.. there so much heat flyin around our entertainment new this few day... mainly come from the recent mtv vma.. good job Sarah Silverman.... pamela exes exchangin punches, britney suck at her performance, Kanye my man dishiin but mtv performance selection n his not de only person on that side too, vanessa hudgen explod nude pic wahaha, n lots more i cant even rmb... anyway VMA suck this yr..

Guys i think is time 2 think bout the tragedy that happen 6 yrs ago 9/11.. with so many life hav been taken on that day.. the story itself hav inspired many ppl around 2 do somethin... props to the ppl at myGoodDeed... who decided to turn 9/11 into a day dedicated to doing good... a day of charity... this idea from myGoodDeed actually inspired members of Congress in US to do somethin.. even president Bush himself is doin some good deed.. dunno wat he did but at least his doin somethin.. this idea definately a support by average joe.. as for my good deed.. i gues ill purchase Kanye west album as for support a man who speak his mind n supoort original purchase.. say no no 2 fake CD.. ill think more in de weekend.. wahaha..

in another good new 4 ME.. more anticipate movie the dark knight finally came out.. cant wait.. 2things 2 look 4ward in entertainment.. Graduation Album n Dark knight.. 1 down another more 2 go.. ha ha ha ha ..

Average Joe support myGoodDeed

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