It is not the age, it is not the diet. It is the will to succeed.

Our divine destiny

Happy Wednesday peeps! Life and death are in the power of our tongue. Many live with insecurity due to what's been spoken or told to them in their past. I understand that woods of judgement, criticism and mostly failure have the ability to delay our divine destiny. 

As a leader, i courage you today to speak up, live life, show gratitude, honor the underdogs and praise hope to yourself and people around you. One small actions can change someone's life and yours too. 


Product Test: NIKE CTR iii

Here we go again, i gotta say product testing is my favorite part of my life.

This time around is something pretty close to my heart. NIKE CTR iii Maestri

Being at the beginning stage of this evolution. I remember when i first started my career with this brand, one of my first project is to educate the consumer about this new innovation (the merge of Tiempo & T90). 

And after 3 installments, here am i doing the same thing (i hope) educating consumer. 


For a brand who dedicate their life to athletes, you know that all products meant "Busines".


Same old story, the CTR Maestri iii built for player looking to dictate the tempo of a game, typically fit best for center midfielder. A player who controls center of the field, player with impeccable ball control,  who receives the ball connects all the passes.

Same old story, sensitive upper touch material, extra pods to receive and release the ball, multi directional studs control are the basic 3 essentials in the CTR series.


So lets take a close look into it. I did a 4 match games to test the new CTR iii. 4 different tempo of game, 4 different weather and 4 different pitch condition.


Upper: The new episode upper has been reengineered with the new installment of the ACC surface on the KangaLite (Leather + Synthetic) material. What is ACC? ALL CONDITION CONTROL. It deliver to enhanced better control, traction and support of the ball in any condition weather. The dimpled texture on the fore foot increase friction for a better ball control.


I remember on my 2nd test match, we played on a wet and soft pitch just after a light rain. With a wet ball rolling around, i didn't felt any different on my touch of the ball. The ACC coating gave an extra gel feel during wet surface.


More adaptive receiving and release pods to super enhance our performance.




Sole Plate: The new designed sole plate with 360 dynamic studs replacements. It provide a light weight and premium comfort through out the full 90 minutes. The dynamic bladed studs perfect for multi directional turns and faster release from the ground.

During my first and third test match, i gain maximum traction on the firm ground. With no studs pressure problem even on a hard surface. Easy turns and maximum traction.


Can't complain much for this edition, as usual CTR series boots alway fitted best for a player who seeking for more ball time. Played twice each as a defensive midfielder and left back. With a lighter weight now, i felt really comfortable stop, pass and sprinting for open space when i played left back.

Negative: Fore foot area - I felt extremely tight during the 1st 15 minutes of my game play. I remeber on my first use, my fore foot felt numb during the game and i was force to change back to my Vapors. On the second attempt, i decided to wet my boot to expend the Kangalite material. It works really well, just need couple of use to nicely break into the boots.

Oh blisters blisters.. something just cant get away from. Major blister on my heel & new comer bottom of my toes. Im a fore foot runner when comes to football, multiple directional change & explosive toe off generate lots of fore foot pressure. And the CTR sockliners never helps since day one.

Overall highly recommend anyone who are looking for an all-in-one football boots. Just like purchasing a car, you pay more, you'll get more.