Product Testing: Nike T90 Laser iv

The latest instalment of T90 Laser iv has been redesigned to offer ultimate percision and power. With the key assets like Wayne Rooney, Torres and Pato, merging their strike & the ball are a serious business, and we are here to provide them the accessability to achieve a perfect strike.
The new T90 Laser iv designed specifically for strikers seeking for super-natural touch, light-weight and striking power. The upper feature a premium graded synthetic material. The off-center lace system designed with memory foam married together to provide a snug fit between the feet structure with the boots.
The big contruction came from the new instalment of sole-plate with TPU bladed stud arrangement. It offer light weight, durability and comfort. With this new sole-plate instalment, it ease up all the past feedback on the weight of T90 Laser iii. Now it weight on 270g, 50g lighter then the past professor.


Compare to the Laser iii, designer decided to implement a one piece TPU bladed stud sole-plate. As this cuts out a large portion of the weight of the boots. And also with the new bladed studs arrangement provide optimal penetration speed and grip while still allowing release for quick turns and agility.
Lastly the key highlight of the T90 Laser iv "Adaptive Sheild". The infamous adaptive sheild have been the key weapon for all of our key assets. Split into 2 distintive zone, the Power Zone & Swerve Zone.
The Power zone broken into strips surrounded by memory foam to enchance power & accuracy.
As for the Swerve zone, the newly re-contructed size & height of the fins prove to generates the neccessary friction to swerve the ball.
Compare to the previous version Laser iii, the new design Adaptive Shield is made of cast TU (Polyurethane) offers flexiblity that enchances the natural motion of the foot.
After putting on the new T90 Laser iv, the first thing came to my mind is definitely the weight improvement. I felt a tremendous different as the Laser iii are so much heavier on my legs. It gave me a lighter leg as i engaging an explosive run.

The inner comfort are top notch, i felt cushiony foam snugging around my foot. You might just forget about all the new shoe blister.

As for the Adaptive Shield (Striking Zone), the most functionally part have to be the Swerve Zone fins. With the new improved thinner, shorter & compact fins, it gave me the sufficient friction to swerve the ball. This is definitely an another tool when im going for a free-kick or a corner kick.

Lastly, i reckon the lighter weight contribution came for the new design Sole-plate. As for the comfort, theres not much different as i felt equally comfortable on both edition. Big different goes to the new bladed studs, as i felt it allows me the a smooth, easy & quick turn & toe off. Playing on a more softer ground, i felt the bladed studs slicing through the ground easily.

Overall, what stood up the most is the new T90 Laser iv is easy adaptable. I break it to the boot straight away on my first try. Compare to the Tiempo Elite iv, it took me 5 games to adapt to the boots. No blister, no discomfort compare to my first trial on the Tiempo ELite iv.

I only trialed the new T90 Laser iv for 1 full 90mins game, lets see what i gain from when i start hitting to a different field ground. Ill update once again after i hit my 10th games with the T90 Laser iv.

First thing came out his mouth is how light the new T90 Laser iv. I remember Aidil said "Finally a T90 which is light weight". As a T90 user, Aidil disgusted his comparison from the Laser iii & iv.

Overall the Laser iii is more a solid structure boots compare to the Laser iv. As the Laser iv outter contruction looks abit cheap. I remember Aidil asking me "Yik why you giving me a second graded boots".

But once he put it on, you can see his face actually glowed. The inner comfort of the boot are just noticeable. There's no synthetic boots provide such an inner comfort. With the memory foam technology, i personally felt the comfort in the new Laser iv is even better the a pair of leather boots.

Lastly as for the revised adaptive shield, athlete felt the edition are more responsive. "The swerve fins actually gave me more friction to curl the ball" said Aidil.

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