i work for

For the longest time of my life, i never knew where's my contribution goes to? A firemen flight to save lifes, policemen guards for safety, Kanye makes music to change the generation, Iniesta score for nation pride, Obama leads to change, Brian work to market Coke, my brother research for the future, Renee live to inspired. I wonders what's mine?

For 4 years of my working career, i work to be employed and only that.

Now i can proudly say that, I work to inspired kids, to give all kids the Experience! In some ways i believe, i do work to change the Nation Football. AND NOW YOU TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!

Question is: SM or H?







Photo from Manchester Clinic 2010

Posted by: theBrokenHeart

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Renee Tay said...

Everything is temporary. This (feelings of confusion) too shall pass.

Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is to do what you love and do it for the right reasons - if you chase the money and dont focus on what you love - things may not go as well as they should.

Learn how to destroy the chains of your past for a happier, wealthier,more powerful YOU.

love love.