Im here to tell you a story, a story of a brotherhood achieving the un-achievable.


The story start with the Manchester United Premier Cup, world's most prestigious tournament for Under 15 footballers. A tournament which offers kids a platform to perform on an international level. Famous footballers like Iniesta, Fabregas, Torres, Tevez were once part of MUPC in their youth days.

Thousand of teams around South East Asia participated in the regional qualifying round, and only 1 team will be representing our small region against the rest of the world. This is our own version of Champion League.


The Journey started with this bunch of kids who have been playing together ever since the age of 10 till 15 year old. A brotherhood who has gone through all the thick & thin of football difficulties. The story was told that, these boys have been brought up with no encouragement on future of Football in Malaysia. From a small town in Kedah where a minimum of football education are expose, the lack of training facilities & the shortage of media expose. Clearly thats not the main factors for those kids, the brotherhood of passion, persistence & believe in this beautiful game have carried them to here, MANCHESTER!

Representing ASEAN in World Final against the rest of the world.


Representing our country is an honorable thing, representing the South East Asia as a whole is just indescribable feeling.

A Malaysia flag embroided on your chest & upper back, is just a huge weight to carry.

I was lucky enough to witness these brotherhood's journey to Manchester. During the long cold week of Football war at Manchester, the boys have been in high spirits, every morning before training the boys sings the Kedah anthem and "Negaraku". I have never met a group of boys with so much dedication & discipline.


The World Final staged at Manchester United's training facility in Carrington Manchester. It is an honour to step on the same pitch as the professionals.

We South East Asia representative, MSS Kedah has been drawn into Group C with home team, Manchester United, FC Barcelona (Spanish finalist), Alta Loma Arsenal SC (USA Finalist) & Sutherland Sharks (Oceania Finalist).

As many would argued that draw in the group of big guns like Manchester United & Barcelona would be lucky, but our boys are trills that they will have the chance to play with some quality talents from the professional team. This is the dedication we are lacking for years. I am truly honour to know each and everyone of them.











This journey is a huge encouragement and a prominent step in the elevation of grassroots football in Malaysia, and that are truly inspire other young players to follow in the footsteps of MSS Kedah.

Big thumbs up for the Brotherhoods, your my inspiration.

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