My chess is Popping out Alien

I love pictures with pop up illustrations.. it shows the merging of the Real life & Imagination..

In this issue of Complex Magazine, we'll encounter the Artistic creation of Art & music. Los Angeles based illustrator and muralist Augor & Cleveland Fresh Prince Kid Cudi affiliated double team to create the master piece illustrative artwork for this month issue of Complex..

As you remember last month issue which featured Keli Hilson with (Joe Favvy) Parisian SO ME illustrations.. The boys from france are the master for illustration job as seen in Justice & Kanye music video..

This Month we'll see what is Augor serving us..

Cover page normally plays a huge role.. It is the 1st Image project out to the public.. Indicating the contents of the magazine is providing us..

1st artwork:
A quick sketches on how the picture gonna turn out.. this sketches will later implement on Kid Cudi pose photoshoot!

Implementing raw sketches into illustrators..

Final Artwork..

2nd Artwork:

3rd Artwork:
Love how Cudi is walking down on a moster tongue..

4th Artwork:
Little sneak peak on Kanye x LV sneaker.. Just another product marketing
Love how the sneaker is stuck with the pink slime.. Creative!

Bonus sketch that never made it to the print:

Behind the scene Video:

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