As for the Long Independent Weekend, We Average Joe's are conquering the Land up North "Thailand".

By the way we are shooting our on tour Joepisode! Stay tune for updates yea!

Dilemma.. What Colour?

Posted by: Average himself


EVo said...

Bro!! long time no kacau u here ady!

haha..just wanted to say...that i'm part of ur gang liao. i bought the white wayfarer at bali. only RM10. shiok sial xD

Average Joe's said...

Sweet bro.. email me a pic of u rocking it.. ill post it on Wayfarer'd of the week! Dope

*pandaaa said...

Dude, those are Frogskins laaa.
Yikkie. Stop showing off your collection. SOmeone might think you're a spoilt brat ;p

Amir Omar said...

Are all these yours?
Now i have reasons to hate you!!!