Average Joe's Life Episode 2

This that time again..

On the Second Episode, we Average Joe's got the hang on how to edit the video.
This time we manages to play around with some of the fading music, timing & multi shoot replay. *Just to make it cooler*
After all, practice makes perfect.

As usual activities under the sun, beach soccer, volley ball & messing around is all we do there..

Music by Joe's favvy The Wombats - Kill the director

Once again we present: Average Joe's Life Episode 2

Average Joe's Life Episode 2 from Average Joe on Vimeo.

Stay tune for the last episode..

Posted by: Average himself


Footballitis said...

Well Done.. U should go for 8tv dude.. haha

Average Joe's said...

Thanks dude.. when u want me to shoot ur Footballitis game.. ill be honor.. 8tv.. u must be joking.. cheers

*pandaaa said...

OMG PLEASE PUT UP THE YOUTUBE ONE!! Vimeo takes too long to load and I'm dying for part 2!

It really makes me wish I was there. SNIFF!

Footballitis said...

now ar.. hahah now kena tabao.. haha.. we really looking for recorder le.. maybe u can be our MASS COM ministry.. haha

Choo Choo Train said...

I am so GaYyyyyyy~~~

Average Joe's said...

Vimeo rocks Pak Sek! dun worry.. BANGKOK baby!!

Double E.. i b honor to be Footballitis Mass Com ministry.. let me know.. ill be there..

Jay.. i just gotta include that scene.. so funny.. & i wan the HD video cam badly..