Average Joepisode 2 - Nike LunarGlide+

Average Joepisode 2 is LIVE

Average Joepisode 2 - Nike LunarGlide+ from Average Joe on Vimeo.

Amanda Choe and i recently attended the media launch for this well planned & structured Nike LunarGlide+. This media trailing session was real interesting as they presented the history of Nike running footwear, *which is my passion*. After a brief introduction of the history & technology of the shoe, we are all chased out of the office & head for a short run.

Me personally loves it - specially when i was running, i can feel the bouncy cushion on my heels. With the new Dynamic Support technology, it provide us 2 core of support, carrier foam for outer support & soft core for cushioning. This gave me maximum comfort and light weight to accelerate my momentum on the run.

With a different structure for men and women, gender-specific design of the LunarGlide+ provide women an arch strap on the medial side to secure the foot into position as women tend to overpronate more than men.

As i mention on my past post, i love the Flywire Technology , the LunarGlide+ never disappoint with an arch bridge of the flywire technology. It provide a lighter weight, what more can you ask?

I haven't tested it properly yet, but i looking forward to dash to a long distance run on the upcoming marathon King of the Road.

The Mission for now is, Amanda Choe & I will rock it everywhere we go for 30days. Yes every single day, for class, drinks, workout, futsal and even to work. So bear with us on our daily LunarGlide tweets & please look down at our feets when you bum into us..

Definitely a must for those who are looking for a comfy runners, because Joe say: That is so Average

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Posted by: Average himself


A Season In Summer said...

Woah, me likkkeyyy

But Amanda had an anti-climax at the end la. Going healthy with 2 km run, but end up gulping black colour =P

Average Joe's said...

haha.. actually during the run.. me n manda r aiming for something black at the finish line.. is all in our head..

QueenSLeen said...

i'm so tempted...

yikes, i wanna go for adidas run toooo...

eh go for the night run lar!

25th July Putrajaya, by Shape and Men's Health Magazine.

can test test somemore.

Ashleigh said...

Oooh! How much for the women's Nike LunarGlide+ ?

Average Joe's said...

Queen SLeen: JUST DO IT! call me ill bring u go buy!
King of the road isnt it on ur bubu trip rite?

Ashleigh: the womens LunarGlide+ is going for 399.00 retail! buy buy buy.. mad comfy! a word from Joe..