Average Joepisode 1 - Urbanscapes 2009

Now we present you our own Average Joepisode 1 - Urbanscapes 2009

Average Joepisode 1 - Urbanscapes 2009 from Average Joe on Vimeo.

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In our first Joepisode, we bring you to Urbanscapes KL 2009.

Urbanscapes is a creative arts festival which bring together communities and participants from the fields of music, arts, fashion, lifestyle and film under a single banner to showcase the best of the local scene.

This year is only the forth installament, and it never disappoint. Local culture performance, market place, great food and good looking people all under the sun.

We Average Joe's have our own sales booth. Selling all vintage / junk stuff from tees to dresses to shoes. Is all good fun under the lovely sun.

For more pic, please view here..

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