Bali Part 2

More random pics from my recent trip down BALI..

Must try.. Dirty Duck!

Ms Allergic to Sun

Finally a group pic..

Something bad happen.. What a interesting trip..

Better be Save then Sorry!

Average Joe Air Jump

*Thats So Average*

Posted by: Average himself


Stanley said...

Woot! I just came back from Bali too =D Lol, that place is so awesome. Had a great time there.

Stopping by for the first time. Sup!

Average Joe's said...

Hey Stanley.. agree with you.. Bali is our favourite place in the Bali.. Just relax by the beach.. Wicked!

Do check out our small film on our recent trip to Tenggol island..

Stay tune for more short film.. cheers

EVo said...

YO yo Joe! awesome la i hear so many chunted things. i'm going bali in august somewhere also. anything particular i should look out for?

Average Joe's said...

Evo.. Bali is the best place to be at this region.. Average recommand you have to stay in Seminyak Willy Villa.. the Dopest resort in Bali.. + they have this ill restaurant called Ultimo.. cheapest 5 star fine dine in ever.. Dirty duck at Ubud is prety awesome.. & not to forget Nusa Dua beach.. beautiful & quiet beach.. but u can only catch decent wave there.. i recommand duta for bigger wave.. but duta is really commercialise.. cheers