Average Joe's Life Episode 1

The Wait is Over!



Average Joe's Life Episode 1 from Average Joe on Vimeo.

Please stay tune for Episode 2..

Posted by: Average himself


Unknown said...

OMGness!! I am super freakingly *JEALOUS* that's a superb AJ vid.
I want to win the lottery now..and jet back home and have my fun in the sun with you guys!!

TOTALLY an awesome vid Yik!!Definitely worth the wait.

Total AJ style k?!Still remember the MTV drama clip that you guys did for my farewell...that was A+ effort and I SOO FELT THE LOVE too!!

For this you get like an A++ and the classic AJ 2 thumbs up!! ;p

Oh BTW..how good is this Vimeo thingy?!Another pointer...constructive one...remember to tune down the music for the vid...otherwise can't barely hear what the famous folks are saying. xp

Can't wait for part 2!!


Average Joe's said...

OMG thanks tish for your kind words.. Deeply appreciated.. we have a blast there.. more video trip to come..

i have the hardest time editing the video.. as u know we Average Joe not Rocker science on this field.. everything we learn is thru google.. but thats the fun of it.. im using my iMovie to edit.. wanted to use the Final Cut Pro 6.. but it lil to complex.. but we r still learning to improve..

I Love Vimeo.. is like HD for utube.. u can upload all ur HD video into it.. but it request a HD lens for ur camera.. our video cam is not HD version.. Saving $$ to buy a HD video Cam.. go check out all the other video in Vimeo.. is quality is beautiful..

Btw wish u r at the holiday trip too.. next year k..