Nike Summerdelic

*Lets just imagine this* Putting a bunch of Average Joe in a fashion, it gotta be free flow of drinks or the door gifts..
Definitely not for the Models.. Okay you caught us.. *Is Nike* How can you say NO to that.. A fashion show by Nike.. Joe will never say NO to that..

Basically we are the only Joe's there checking out on the upcoming summer release.. We're like "Damn.. look at those Prestos"
When ever a model walking through the run way.. Photographer snapping picture like crazy.. then u can see the Average Joe's looking at what he or she is wearing.. Thats what you get from a *Sneaker Freaker* & only when you're in a Nike Fashion Show.. *Is the Shoe*

Okay so We Average Joe is lucky enough to be invited to a closed Nike Fashion Show for the upcoming Summer Collection. Props to Nike Malaysia for the invites, honor to be present. Mad love from our Average Favvy' bogger: Gingerfish

Nike Malaysia Present Nike Summerdelic Fashion Show

Upon arrival, all i can see is mad multi colour lighting around the stage. At that moment you'll know this is gonna be a high energetic colourful fashion show. The one thing about Nike i love is how well they incorporates their apparel with the colour palate. *Never disappoint*

This show is doubly special for us Average Joe's.. Our own Average Jane Ms. Pak Sek is modelling for the show.. I remember texting her to gives us a fierce pose when she walking down the run way.. as we are at the best front role seat *right infront of the runway*

Along the red carpet, there are some showcase of the current & upcoming projects by Nike. "Old love Nike Cortez is heading back to our shoe shelf.. "
Cortez Flymotion is a project Nike incorporate with the old love Cortez design with a little touch of the new generation technology. Remember the flywire cable system in Hyperdunk or Kobe iv? This ultra light system have implemented with FREE technology sole into the Classic Cortez shoe. This give us more light weight from the new Cortez. From long distance running, gym session or bballing; this new Nike Cortez does give you the comfort & style. *You Can Never Go Wrong With Cortez*

I remember back in those days, i have the classic Navy blue Cortez. I basically rock that for everything, school, PE class, basketball, weekend wear. That was like my everything shoe and i remember i got it for $30 in Melbourne. I remember i was rocking cortez to cortez through out my high school time, from blue to black then whites. It is just an affordable sneaker at that time. *Good ol' memories*

Nike underwater ads.. coming out in New Man Magazine on the May issue.. Specially love how they shoot it underwater & projecting on the middle of the street image.. simple genius from the Team of Nike Malaysia..

MC for the night: Ean & Rudy

Ean show case some of his modelling talent, but i cant takes my eye off those dunks.. *Fly*

Pole dancer.. Flash lights everywhere when she was doing her erotic moves..

Multi colour mania.. lots of colourful leggies..

Cheerleaders with some multi-colour classic Nike tees

Music supply by our Average favvy Twilight Action Girls TAG..

AraByrd warmed up the crowds with some of her killer rhythms.. you mad girl..

The president with some Yeezy on him.. Wicked!!!

Our own Ms. Amanda Choe.. at least 1 of the Average Joe is on the runway..

Serena C


Our own Pretty boy showing some love to Nike..

Average Joe meets Ms. Thiathia.. always please to see her..

Great show from Average himself.. Well done Nike..

Sorry we came with our working cloths.. Hey at least i put on my Air max 90s..

Ms.Pak Sek show off her kicks.. love those Dunk high..

Bonus Pic

Yeezy spotted

Okay you caught us again.. but hey love the goodie bags.. 1 Nike tee, fris-bee & a yo-yo.. *So Average*

Definately an AVERAGE Fashion Show.. Thats so Average..

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