Average Hectic WeeK

Crazy week for The Average Joe..

Headed up north for work.. 1000++KM around small village.. Encounter some Average Dope stuff along the way..

A police car with a "Dont bribe me" sticker..

A school of Dope-ass military Land Rover Defender on the road..

I guess Teh doesnt make you awake..

After 2 long days up north.. manage to catch A-trak in KL.. Dopest gig in KL.. *Period*
Fell sick thru out the whole journey up north.. Drugged with beers & medication the whole night..

Easy Saturday nite.. Kick in with Dark knight Bluray with the boys..

Usual Sunday.. Lay back sun tanning.. Sun, water, tennis & beers..

Scrapped my face after little excitment on the pool..

Average Tunes
My journey down with Joe new love.. The Wombats - My Circuitboard City

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