The Land of a Poor Song

Okay let me blog about my lonely trip down to The Land of Poor song (BTW is Sing a poor).. to meet Ms. Something about Mary..

Looking thru a BrokenHeart lens..


Boatshoe & cameras

Fareast Plaza.. Shoes Shoes Shoes

1 of my mission in the Land of Poor song is to hunt for shoes.. Pink floyd converse & Clark Kent AF1.. Beautiful.. Hey Still cant affort it..

Queen's Couture.. Average Joe favvy shop.. they carried a huge rage of wicked label.. not to forget our Average favvy Ksubi & Nudie Jeans..

Ksubi Sunnies.. i was drooling over this babies.. if u look closely.. the price tag is S$ 249.. Damn Average Joe cant affort this..

Finally found my Rayban ClubMaster..

BTW.. Deeply apologize for not making for ur birthday Ms.Pak Sek..

Happy Birthday Babe.. I love you..

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