Average Virgin bbq

Whats a Virgin BBQ?

It doesnt need any1 to bend over..

Or any1 to fong pun lap..

Just some healthy bread

Fresh fruits

And definitely BBQ chicken wings & lambs

And NO NO NO NO to beers..
Bad Pak Sek..

So more of THIS.. & less of Beers

So Ms. Pak Sek.. SIT & drink ur healthy fresh orange juice..

Okay so this is the 1st for us Average Joe.. Just imaging Average bbq without beers.. is like fries without chilli source.. is just suicide for the Average Joe.. But hey at least is in a good course.. Get ready for our Annual Average Beach Get Away..

So this brilliant idea came over 3 Beer overdose Average Joe.. to realize is time to cut less all the beer belly & pump up our 6 paxs.. So this came to a huge shock towards the girls.. "Average bbq without beers" is not a bbq for The Average Joe!!!!
So the preparation shopping is so new for all of us.. imaging purchasing less of beers.. & deciding more on what fruits for our beverage.. & trust me.. all of us got a shock on how expense fruits can be.. I hope this Virgin bbq is a 1 time thing.. bbq without beers IS NOT AN AVERAGE BBQ at all..

To be continue.......

The Dark side of Virgin BBQ *Hint*

Posted by: Average himself


Anonymous said...

Yeahahaaa dude it's like yik without the hat man. at least ur pak sek help redeem some face for average joes hahaaa..

Average Joe's said...

haha.. like evo without all the chicki around him..

so true.. ugly head.. need to put a hat on..