Average BBQ Pitt

Dont u just love surprises.. Specially when it deliver straight to your door step..

Totally not wat i expected... No.. not iMac.. is a GrillMac..
HELL YEA.. a BBQ pit for my birthday present.. as u noe we Average Joe Love BBQ.. wat a best way to melt Joe's Average heart.. Im speechless..

So i gotta blog this with my appreciation for the lovely gift by Jay-C & Ms. Ash..
Hand down.. both of them r the most thoughtful person i know.. Im touched..

A 22" wide.. just enough for the whole family.. dun really noe the spec of the pit.. but all i noe is they have all those heat stopper everywhere.. Good enough for Average BBQ.. thats all matters..

Thanks Jay-C & Ms. Ash.. This change our lives...

LatinoHeat do wat he best at.. Tendering.. the art is slice it wen is half done.. & apply more butter for the rich taste..

People.. u gotta wait..

LatinoHeat showing his appreciation..

Thanks again Jay & Ash.. ur a true JOE..

Posted by: Average himself

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