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Ha... Let me tell u lil more bout some creative self entreprenuers around my region of fren... Smooch Us

okay let drop down...
Business nature: Fashion cloths
Business plan: To sell cloths
Intial plan: To select top range design cloths to cater the general market.
Real story: So they can shop more..
Target Audience: Average young adults who hav a taste of casual innovative trend which just hate expensive tag brands, & also not 2 4get themself..

I gotta giv my Average thumbs up to the smooch idea... heading straight to distributor & select the top range to cater to all ur girls... this i wish theres sum1 doin the same thing 4 guys... Just image heading to bangsar goin thru all the boutiques just to look for some thing that actually match ur style..

Plus at Smooch us they dun believe in Shops & customer relation.. They bring u straight to their house.. make u feel just like 1 of their friend... Every alternate Sunday, Smooch us will open thier door & invite u 2 join the party... Rmb, drop down, install, print, take a pic... this coming Sunday will be their 3rd Smooch sales... inconjuction with the installment for thier new Smooch range of product... Smooch by Sunday

This is some preview wat they hav last Smooch Sales..

Did manage to drop by the 2nd Smooch Sales.. i gotta say is hell lot of fun.. did take much pic tho.. to busy talkin.. haha... So tell ur Friends, neighbors or ur workin colleague about it... hope 2 see u guys there..

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