Sinverage Trip

Wee arrre baaaack... after 5 days out of KL.. we hav a deserving 3 days holiday n totally forget bout the disaster work down at johor..
The average joe crew decide to head down to singapore for some mission.
As for my personal mission.. i looking for some vintage casio watch, skinnies & cheap sneaker.. but with the limited cash... i didnt manage to capture anything from my list.. found some really interesting stuff down there.. but i wont b posting any of the pic in this post.. wait till the next post..

Team Average Joe..
Average himself, Latinoheat, Ms Ally, Fong the man, PIMP ben, MC,
n our newbies Sir Yuen (Ally bro) n Mr beach boy Kyie

ha.. i would like to officially welcome our new member to average joe... MR beach boy kyie

Our new Average Joe PIC... haha.. same place as the old ones.. Bugis Street..

Our ms Ally actin lil crazy b4 ur big graduation day.. aimin high..

Average navigators hav beeen workin really hard for us to cover all the target bargain place... target destination... Mustafar baby...

Let me introduce our 2nd newbie.... Sir Yuen... Mr Vintage & Retro.. i personal had a great time washin his brian... haha.. another sneaaaaker lover... hahhaha

The fantastic Joess

Honestly.. all of us havin hard times smoking down at singaopre roads... is really good to b home now...

If u gotta go... u gotta go..

After all the long walk.. all happy face around... haha..

Hunted item... VANS Baby... all of us got the VANSism from Latinoheat.. wahaha cheap cheap..

End of the day.. PIMP Ben is OUT

Definately a desrving holidays... had a great time chillin wif the crew..
All i gotta say congrat to LatinoHeat & Ally for the accomplishment.. every1 is so proud of u...
This is so Average Joe

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