lil bit of everything ROJAK

ha... found some really interesting kicks today... alitle bit of everything.. haha.. just image a totally of 20 pair of shoe design on 1 kick.. actually is call the "What the Dunk" Nike SB Dunk Low which combines the best Dunk SBs into one pair of Nike SB Dunk Lows. it feature a lil pieces of the Pigeons, the Shanghai 1 and 2, the Supeme Highs and Lows, the Hufs, the Avengers, the Bucks, the Hemps, the Luckys, the Unluckys, the Denims, Medicoms, Calis, and many other more... really love that they hav de raygun sign on 1 of the side... honestly raygun gotta be the best sb release ever.. bet brian n latino will agree wif me... it actually a really good idea for showcase... definately not 2 rock... just some thin 2 rmb of...
Plus point from Average Joe r:
love the cement print, love the both side lucky 7 & unlucky 13, definately dig the Cali star & the supreme star, and lastly the raygun & pigeon on de side

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