Average Segamat

ha... Finally back 2 civilization... the fast, furious & unsecure lifestyle we have here in KL... 1 of the greatest idea from the average joe crew is to decide to head back to KL on the last day of the nation biggest festival... it tooks us more then 5 hours to reach back to our house... which we were stuck in a massive JAM at seremban... GOOD JOB GUYS...

Overall this half holiday half work trip hav been reflected as Awesome... All props gotta go to the WORLD most down to earth Average Joe... Sir Jai (LatinoHeat dad)... the average joe crew gotta thank u 4 de lovely hospitality...

For all those city born ppl... i really dun noe wat u guys do around long break... for me.. i really hav no idea wat im gonna do around kl during holiday.. gues just stay home watch tv then... As me n Latinoheat hav to head down to JB ABN branch for some measurement... the average willy n DJ mini man follow our adventure down to the south side of malaysia... 2 day down at segamat hav been fullfilled wif sun, beer & good foods... n not 2 forget some average activities which we can do it down in the part of the world... basically lunch beer coconut BBQ all under the sun... this is wat Kanye will say "GOOD LIFE"... a side from fun & sun... one of our job is to survey the market for me n Latino future business... All i can say now is " Undefeated is heading down to Segamat real soon"

Ha... Save the best to the last... 2nd Job to do down at JB... is to find vintage casio watch... wahaha.. FINALLY... try bet this kanye

Definately a very average joe weekend..

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