6A baby

ha.. after a great long weekend.. i feel refreshing and well self entertained.. traffic weere lil crazy on Merdeka eve thur... stuck in KLCC at 4pm.. n u gues i tok 2.5 hour 2 reach back home.. nway didnt hav any celebration or partyin on the nite itself.. just 2 avoid all those police roadblock or jams.. 31st nite was great.. the hold crew was invited to DJ Hugh neww crib.. music spinnin n beers alnite long.. is been a well since we hang out.. camera is all pack wif ABN penang pic.. no pic..
Saturday was an interesting day.. finally wwent 2 meet up wif our sunnies aunty.. Latinoheat brou an kickass Oackley n i booked my frogskin n wayfarer.. hope she'll come back wif a good news..

At nite... primary school reunion... haha 6A baby.. ha after a 12 years apart.. can u imagin meetin up wif ppl u haven seen in 12 years.. n the last time u saw them, their still wif they baby faces.. the venue were at the jungle deco Nillis Uptown.. im so nervous wen i arrive there.. wonder will any1 still rmb me.. as im not the popular kid that time... every1 looked at me n wonder wat his name ar? ques that tot is in every head... actually i so glad that i finaly meet up wif my close buddy Yee Kuan.. i rmb we're really good fren at that time.. the weirdest feelin is every1 looks so diff from primary time.. every1 looks so good.. i cant blieve im in de same class as all those chicks.. n de funny thing wen we r figurin out who seat next 2 who... n i found out this really pretty girl did seat next 2 me... i ques every1 clean up good.. again for my stupidity.. i 4get my camera.. Is really nice meetin my lost lost buddies, really hope they do it again.. i gues i hav 2 thanks Yeelin 4 trackin me down.. as de others r contacted thur Friendster.. or i gues i should just sign up an acc in frenster..

ha.. Average Weekend

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